Hey, I'm Octavia (a lot of people call me Vee or Via) and I'm a swiss-japanese they/them living in Copenhagen. I experiment with graphic design, but have always enjoyed playing with computers. I use a few monikers – the two main ones being vee-ah and 0va (pronounced ox-via).

More about me
  • I'm pansexual and non-binary
  • I've lived in 3 countries : Switzerland, Japan (albeit for a short period of time), Denmark
  • I speak French fluently – English and Japanese are languages I try to continue to learn, but don't prioritise over my French competence (if that makes sense)

Vee.DK is both a personal site and a hub for microservices that my friend from France helps me host.

More about Vee.DK

Vee.DK is a small, invite-only collaborative working on microservices that we can use to have a little less dependency on privacy-invasive websites.

You can send emails in French, Japanese, or English (in that order of preference) to vee-ah [at] posteo.jpI don't do PGP.