A new site and "community" – Vee.DK

I've been using WordPress (WP) on a Hetzner server for awhile now, but I decided to retire it for a more basic solution. I reached out to my friend Matt to help setup my website and a few other things I needed that I used to run on the old machine. We decided to have fun with it and brought around this "community" – Vee.DK.

Vee.DK is a small webring of sorts that's going to be invite-only. It's meant to be a little community working on microservices that we can use to have a little less dependency on privacy-invasive websites.

Matt is working on a somewhat similar project of his own called Farer where it's taken to an even greater extreme of trying to make an Internet, more or less. I do not have as lofty ideas as them, but I still want to work on a similar and fun project.

The old WP site is now set to private, but I'll slowly move the posts here, translating them from French into English and Japanese. There are some 130 articles to copy over, so I do not know when I will be able to start or when I will be done. I'll try to create some form of consistency compared to the old blog, but we'll see if that can come to fruition or not.