Articles of confederation

Vee.DK is founded on certain principles that must be upheld at all times. For brevity sake, Vee.DK will be referred to at times as « 0va » — it is of identical purpose.

Vee.DK must never discriminate on the basis of :

Vee.DK must respect the privacy of its members and guarantee their privacy and, where applicable, anonymity.

Vee.DK must make all services and content accessible irrespective of geographical location, unless where local legislation prohibits.

Vee.DK must make all documents accessible in French, with translations made to any other language as possible, phesible, and necessary.

Vee.DK must use data centres that use as close to 100% truly renewable energy as possible. Efforts should be made to host in-house and within Vee.DK as possible while ensuring reliability and any other aforementioned requirements.

This document can be updated by referendum of Vee.DK's members.

This document was last updated 20 August 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark.