Membership contract

Vee.DK is a small community of creatives and engineers that work on reducing dependence on privacy-invasive websites and services. To ensure that everyone enjoys their time within Vee.DK, this document outlines the basic rules that people need to follow.

Failing to meet the expectations outlined below may result in the revocation of your membership or further legal consequences.

  1. Be respectful and open-minded.
    Collaboration is encourage at all open possibilities. Constructive criticism is necessary to allow thoughtful and courteous interactions. If you are unable to communicate respectfully, do not.

  2. Treat services we host with respect.
    If you infringe upon this policy, you may be liable to face legal penalties. It goes without saying that you should also not abuse servers or services as well.
    Although we use servers that may be in beneficial jursidictions, you are not allowed to use services or servers for illegal means, namely :

    • pornography of any kind,
    • gore or similar graphic content,
    • statements that incite violence or other harm to people and/or property,
    • illegal sale of any product(s) or service(s),
    • copyright infringement or illegal distribution of data ; and,
    • other illegal activities under Icelandic, Swiss, Danish, French, or United States law.
  3. Expand Vee.DK at your own volition and risk.
    Anyone within Vee.DK can invite nearly anyone. Try to keep Vee.DK at a vaguely small size, but feel free to expand it as well. Keep in mind that every person that you refer to Vee.DK is a reflection on you as well – if they misbehave, we'll look back at you as well.

This policy was last updated 20 August 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark.